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Hantag labeller Machine

Stone Machine

Laser Marking Machine

Hot & Cool Tap Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic Printing Machine

Stop Cylinder and Wicket Dryer Machine

Semi Auto Screen Printing Machine

Wicket Dryer

Powder Coating Machine

Polar Cutting Machine

Paper Cutting Machine

Silicone Machinery

Pad Printing Machine

PVC Automatic Production Line

Garments Embossing Machine

Fusing Machine

Screen Washing Tank

Automatic Heat Transfer Machine

Manual Suction Screen Printing Machine

High Grade Automatic Moving Dryer

Tunnel Drying Machine

Automatic Emulsion Coating Machine

Laser Cuting Machine


Screen Frame Dryer

Screen Stretching Machine

Vinyl Cutting Plotter Machine

Ink Mixer Machine

Printing Table

Micro Computer Exposure Machine

Micro Computer Exposure Machine


Aluminium Frame

Squeezee Holder

Emulsion Coater

Tension Meter

Tunnel Tuflon Belt

Stainless Steel Spatula

Squeezee Rubber


Temperature Controller

Squeezee Cutter

Adustable Speed Motor

Silica Gel Pad

Halogen Lamp

High Temperature Paper

Screen Washing Brush


T Mash (White & Yellow)

Emulsion (All Kind Of Screen Solution)

Plastisol Ink

Litho Offset Ink


Heat transfer Labels

LITHOTRANS 10-10 inks have been specially formulated to produce durable printed transfer when used on offset type machinery.
-Formulated to meet OEKO - TEX Standard 100
-Highly Durable Labels & Transfers
-Good Adhesion on Impervious Substrates
-Superior Wet/Dry Rub Properties
-Excellent Scratch & Scuff Resistances
-Wash Resistance up to 60`C
-Dry Clean Resistance
-Vegetable oil based pigmented ink system made with raw materials form renewable resources.
***Cross Linker Aqua (82-AD-AQ)-0.5-1%

Water Based Heat Transfer Ink


ECOTRANS inks have been specially formulated to produce Durable & Wash Resistant
Heat transfer prints.
-Formulated to meet Oeko - Tex Standards 100*
-Formulated to meet Nike/Adidas Standard*
-Formulated to meet Restriction of Hazardous Substrates
-Excellent Scratch Performance
-Superior Wet/Dry Rub Properties
-Wash Resistant 90 C (except metallic)-with 82-HA-WW Adhesives
-Dry Cleanable (except metallic)- with 82-HA-WW Adhesives
-Excellent Screen Stability and Self Solvency
-Non UV curing System - V.O.C.free
-Water - Ink Becomes thick due to ink Drying /evaporation - add up to 2%
-Wetting Agent (82-AD-WA) Pin-holing occurs when printing - add up to 1%
-Anti-Foam(82-AD-AF) - Excessive Bubbling -add up to 1%
-Ink Retarder (82-AD-RE)Inks dry too fast in screen & Small Designs -add up to5 %
-Cross Linker Aqua(82-AD-AQ)- 3%

Solvent Based Heat Transfer Ink

Heat Transfer Printing Parameters For Reference

Name of fabric

Polyester fabric
Polyester Deformation Fabric Low Elastic Triacetate fabric
Nylon fabric
Acrylic fabric
Two acetate fibre fabric
Polypropylene nitrile

Transfer Temperature

200 o C~210oC
185o C
190o C~200oC


0.5 kg/cm2
0.5 kg/cm2
0.5 kg/cm2
0.5 kg/cm2
0.5 kg/cm2
0.5 kg/cm2
0.5 kg/cm2


10~30 seconds
30 seconds
30~40 seconds
30~40 seconds
30 seconds
15~20 seconds
10~15 seconds

Pet Film (Hot Peel/Cold Peel/Offset Print)

Transfer Paper

Hot Melt Powder

Adhesive Paper

Refletive Powder

Refletive Film

QT Thick Film (For High Density Printing)

Pigments Inkjet Film

Knife Cut Masking Film

Silicone Ink